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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Synchronicity with Cards

You might ask, "How is synchronicity involved in selecting cards for a reading?"

Many people believe that there's no such thing as a coincidence. If that's the case, then just by your intention, "To choose a card which teaches you something about your current experience," then the whole universe becomes involved in fulfilling it.

Henry Ford I is widely known to have said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right!" In my way of thinking "believing" something makes it so (if only in my reality). Therefore, believing that I'm choosing a card that will have importance "creates" that outcome: the card will hold meaning and importance for me.

If you try this, a few times, you will quickly find that it works. Now, arguably, it could be your intuition "grasping at straws" to provide a meaningful message based on the card which was arbitrarily chosen. But even if that's the case it's not difficult for me to believe that exactly the right card was chosen which would give your intuition exactly the right clue you need to unravel an aspect of your experience.

This happens all the time when I do readings with my Shaman Stones. I frequently impress people with my "accuracy." But it works just like I explained above: that "thing that is more than coincidence," gives me clues that my intuition can decode and "voila" I tell a stranger something profoundly meaningful to them!

You might have a set of Tarot or other "oracle" cards, but have been unable to understand the book that came with them.

Any system for divination is basically a way to access symbols, and decode them. You can use a book or not, but if you want to "make the cards work," you have to somehow find a way to decode the symbolic meanings. Many people do this by pure intuition. They just "turn over a few cards and say the first few things that come to mind. (If you try this at home, say the first thing no matter how crazy, and avoid second-guessing yourself). Or read the book and figure-out the system they used for encoding the symbolism.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Writing a Business Letter Using Tarot Cards

For a few years now, I've used 2 simple spreads to help me intuit what my clients or prospects want to know about my services and offerings, so I can write more compelling sales letters. With as few as 2 cards you can discern a "strategy" and write a powerful letter that motivates people to act.

The "sales platform" reading will give you a clear idea what the prospect wants and how your offering addresses this.

Your sales platform is your primary service offering and it's unique selling proposition, (hopefully your purpose is to help people by reducing pressure, solving problems or otherwise removing pain).

The spread is simply 2 cards, dealt side-by-side. As you shuffle and cut repeat to yourself "What is the pain my client needs me to heal?" And, "What can I tell them so they choose me to solve their problem?"

For this spread I dealt:

Page of Cups (R)
Lethargy - Not much desire to plan ahead in the face of changing circumstances.

9 of Cups
Wish Card - Future assured. Worries will disappear as new plans materialize.

Now, using a letter with a standard opening and closing, I write two brief paragraphs stating my understanding of their situation (Lack of desire to plan) and my ability to alleviate their pain, (Confidence in planning).

Trust that the Tarot has told you exactly what is going on for them, and don't hesitate to specifically address both their pain and your ability to eliminate it.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Use Intuition for Copywriting

I SPENT 20 YEARS IN ADVERTISING and I'm a pretty good
copywriter, but I have to say that the quality of my writing jumped to excellent when I started consciously employing intuitive skills.

We all have intuition and we all use it everyday. It's amazing to me that people don't get this. The difficulty, if there is one, comes from confusion as to how we hear/see/feel the messages and how we interpret them.

Try this:

Ask your self, "Would I willingly burn my finger with a match?"
Of course you wouldn't , but did you hear the answer the moment you read the question, and it sounded like a thought? Did you feel it like a shudder and realize you would never do that?

Maybe you quickly thought of tricks that you had learned, "How to make a match burn twice," or "How to burn the whole match by wetting your fingers so you can hold the hot end..." Most of us also received an immediate impression - a no answer. Some people might interpret that felt response as fear. Truly, our fear over-rides our intuition in some cases, but I see this as an example of our inner knowing. We are no-longer accustomed to listening to our inner stirrings, it can be difficult to understand the messages.

Here is where simple tools and practices comes in.

I used to write my advertising copy by how it "sounded." Now I use a pendulum to check my copywriting against a number of important criteria. I read line-by-line while holding a pendulum, asking my intuition if I am addressing the right audience and if they will "get" my meaning. I recently one client said a sales letter I wrote for his company "nearly brought tears to his eyes."

It is easy to learn this method: this link will take you to instructions.

The Basis of Intuitive Readings

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED to each other and to the Creative Energy of the Universe. This connection is being discovered and studied by scientists in our time and and has been recognized by all of the great spiritual teachers through out the ages of Human existence.

Essentially, quantum physics has established two important hypotheses which are changing forever our understanding our physical experience:

  • At the smallest level we can see, everything is energy (with spaces in between)

  • The expectations of the observer somehow change what is observed
These are both extremely important ideas. The first means that nothing is really 100% solid and that everything is really just part of a great energy field. The second suggests that our thinking affects our reality. Let's review that: what we think is "real" isn't and what we think "creates" what we see.

So armed with that knowledge, let us now turn to human intuition, and it's use as a tool for divination. To date, there has never been an all encompassing explanation for intuition or psychic abilities. There have been enough tests done to substantiate their existence, but we still can't explain the "how." In tests, some remote viewers claim to have astral-traveled to see the remote object, but others can "just know" something about it by changing their awareness.

My advice is, begin experimenting with these ideas, and trust that the answers will come to you. Trust that the first thing that comes to mind is right, no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

In a book originally published in 1995, David Hawkins M.D. Ph.D. established that a simple test can seemingly get information about nearly any subject in human experience. Referred to as "Applied Kinesiology" this "muscle testing" can be use to diagnose illness, determine food sensitivities, choose a career or decide which person to marry.

The book "Power vs Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" Hawkins describes his extensive research into and conclusions about this system of collecting information which is commonly used by physiologists and chiropractors.

Try this example (You'll need a helper):
  • Hold your arm out straight, locking your elbow and think of something that is true and positive. Have someone press down firmly on your arm. (It should be easy to resist the pressure.)

  • Now think of something which is not true, or negative and have the person press down on your arm again. (It will be nearly impossible to resist the pressure.)
The phenomenon is not simple to explain without an extensive understanding of human physiology and neurology. And what's even more difficult to explain is how this same method can determine whether a sample of material in a sealed envelop is beneficial or harmful to life, whether taking a particular route through town will result in a positive or negative experience, or if a particular career choice is right for you.

How does it work? I have my own theories.

But more important for now... how can I use it

First, we should overcome the fact that muscle testing seems to require more than one person. (My chiropractor has me hold my arm out and he pushes down while exposing me to various samples and stimuli to assess the effects.) Some people have had success with gently rubbing their index finger and thumb together. If it feels "sticky" or if doesn't slide smoothly that's a "no" answer and if it slides easily it's a "yes" answer. Some people learn to use a pendulum - if it swings one way that means "no" and another way, that means "yes," (although the pendulum can be affected by nerves, impatience and attitudes, giving inaccurate results).

The point is that there ARE ways to do this and equivalencies to muscle testing are useful for learning intuitive information and determining a wide rage of life choices. And when you become accustomed and confident with one of these methods you can learn a great deal.

I future posts I reveal how to use this approach to get dependable information about your business and your customer.

Intuitive Marketing - Everything Old is New

Everything old is new.

Humans have been using intuition to solve everyday problems for thousands of years. Our ancestors consulted oracles like sticks &
stones, the crystal ball, tarot cards, and often we just go with our "gut."

embers of royalty, great presidents, current day political leaders and giants of industry use professional astrologers and numerologists to make important decisions.

I have been using tarot cards and other divination tools for ten years - including for business clients. I can point-out factors for success or failure of a business endeavor.

And now, I intend to teach intuitive marketing.